Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I can't even talk about the two weeks we've been away, because there's too much to say, and I didn't have any wifi access, but maybe tomorrow I'll backtrack and review what I can.

However, I'm sitting at my computer at 0128 and facing west. The blinds are drawn, so I cannot see outside. The wind currents are so turbulent, that as I sat here, I could have sworn I was at the beach. I can imagine the sand pelting against the building during one of those crazy storms. I wake up and realize it's 18 degrees outside, and what I'm hearing is snow swirling and flying about. What a far cry from the North Carolina Beach, and Florida Keys.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First Blog of the Year

We all survived New, less than everyone else! Made a brief appearance the the WLFD to make bloody mary's for the new officer induction. I drank a half of one, and asked Jeff to drive me home. Took a quick nap for two hours, and still felt like crap when I woke up! Finally started feeling somewhat human around 6PM. What a waste of a day.

I shot myself in the foot, when I traded my trip to work less, and got reassigned to work more! Be careful what you wish for. What a backfire! It was quite a bummer of a trip!

My normal trip of the month went off without a hitch, and worked with a great crew. Five of us went to dinner in the hotel, because the weather was awful, and laughed so hard, and really had an enjoyable time. I'm now home, nice and cozy, just waiting to see how much snow we are going to get. I don't care, because I'm off for two days.....Yes! It's all about me!

Guess these next two days will be devoted to dedecorating. I bet my neice and nephews will rush right down here to help me take this stuff down. Yeah! Right!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Last Blog of the Year

Last post was in early October...a long time ago....mmmm Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day.... I do remember Thanksgiving! Judi and I were both off and we pooled out efforts and successfully pulled off a Thanksgiving feast! What a great day we had!

December...hmmmm. I bid availability, as I do every December, so I can create my own schedule, finish the month early, and get the holidays off! Success! We had our December 18th Christmas with the Wilson family, at Paul's for our annual no stress, enjoy the day, got nowhere to run party! It was a great day and Willie and Tricia continued with the tradition of performing for us: Cole Porter's "Friendship." Can't wait til next years show! We spent Christmas day at Barbie and Vinnies for a great dinner, however, Barbie was not feeling well at all, and she struggled through the day. What a trooper! Couldn't or wouldn't have done that myself!

Unfortunately looks like Paul caught the bug from someone, in spite of a flu shot. Today was a better day, I hope it's short lived and he feels better tomorrow. The ginger ale should do it!

Well, another year shot by, time for new resolutions, and plans for a great 2005. Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I am so proud to be related to the most incredible young woman on the planet.

I'm Back!

September was a fabulous month. I worked my 7 days, then vacation! Yeah! We all went to Wildwood for the annual convention. AJ and Amanda came down, then Dan, and the whole gang was present. Except the the Willie family, who was dearly missed. Lots of poker was played, and I finally got rid of all those nickels I was carrying around since Canada. I still haven't cashed mine in.....I'm hoping for another game soon!

The rest of the month I just spent time straightening out the house, planting fall plants, taking a few golf lessons and practicing what I've learned. I had a totally relaxing time, and was ready to go back to work on the 30th of September. But it was hardly a trip back to work, Judi was my guest for her belated birthday gift. We had so much fun! We visited the Queen Mary, and just spent some quality time together. So vacation continued!

Really back to work on October 3rd to LAX. This also, was hardly a work trip, flying with friends, is always a plus. And to boot, I found out Jack Klugman is NOT dead!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A New Month!

August has been a really busy month. Paul and I went to see the Qualey's for the first weekend of the month, along with fellow Bogota Boys Mattson, and DeMarrais. We had a really great time, and the weather was fabulous. We even saw dolphins swimming south, which always makes my trip to the beach a success!

After that I had to work a whole trip, only to take off on our newly acroynmed SAP trip. Sue Amy and Paul, which I blogged about last time.

So....after so much fun????...what else? WORK!! Yes I went to work, believe it or not. I finished up the month with almost 97 hours, so I'm really pleased with my new creedo...WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. Works for me.

Spent the last weekend down in Monmouth Beach, selling funiture, and other assorted crap, and moving what didn't sell, up north, because as of 9/1/04 both apartments will be rented for the year. Halleluia, Amen. Just finished up my September schedule. Technically, I only had to work 1 two day trip, however the greedy in me picked up 2 turns for $50 each, and 1 two day on 9/30 for $100. And to boot, I end up with 116 hours, only having to work 7 days for the month. I love trying to beat the system, however, it usually ends up beating me!

Amy, hope your first day in High School was fun! It's a great new beginning of a wonderful chapter in your life. Believe it or not, I remember my 1st day at PVH. I took the stagecoach to school.

Good luck tomorrow, Dan!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Celebrating 65 Years

Today I rode down the parkway to Bay Head, to attend the surprise 65th birthday of my friend Peg Ludwig. 31 flight attendants were there to celebrate with Peg. She was completely surprised, and I don't believe there was a dry eye on the porch. We ate on a beautiful porch of the historic Grenville Hotel and Restaurant. It was wonderful to see some flight attendants I haven't seen in some time, and spend time with others that I really enjoy. Peg has been out on an injury since April, so it was especially heartwarming for her to have all her friends there, as she hasn't flown since Easter Sunday.

I rode down with our "new" union president, Tommie! Hopefully, without the proding of the board of Labor, John Ward will step down, since the counting of the illegally voided 16 ballots, found Tommie to win the election by 7 votes. The next week or two will be very interesting!

Backing up a bit......Amy is no longer allowed to fish in my boat! On her first day of fishing in Canada, she not only caught 10 fish, but she caught a 3 and 5 pound bass. I've never caught a 5 pount bass. She did well on the second drizzly day, and championed again on the third day, with a 28 inch pike! Yes, I'm jealous.....Way to go Amy! Paul and I both caught a lot of fish also. I'd have to say it's probably our most successful fishing trip yet! Thanks, Sweetie, it was fabulous!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Where Am I?

I haven't posted in a while for two reasons. One, I haven't had much time, two, I couldn't find myself. I forgot my username. Between all the usernames, passwords, and such, it's a wonder that I accomplish anything on this computer.

The trip to Santo Domingo was an overwhelming success, with a few glitches. However, our pockets are more full and our livers are overdone. The Chocolate Friends are truly sweet and fun.

I hated the WLFD golf outing because I sucked, and I'm just lucky that Paul and Jeff didn't throw me in the sand trap!

Just got back tonight from San Jose, and am finished packing for Canada. We're leaving around noon tomorrow. Look out fishy, fishy, you'll be getting in the boat before you know it!!! It's morphed into a SAP trip, seeing how AJ and Dan will not be with us. SUE, AMY, and PAUL!!! SAD, SAP, two awful sounding acronyms, eh? As the Canadians will say! We'll return Sunday evening and hopefully shortly thereafter I'll report the fishing statistics!